Warrior FIT

Designed around primal movements these classes last 30 minutes (allow 45 mins for each class to include warm up and cool down times) and aim to boost metabolism by shedding fat and building muscle, mirroring high intensity training using equipment such as battle ropes, medicine balls, tyres, hammers, TRX, power bags and sandbags.

Warrior HIIT

Warrior HIIT classes are based around body weight movements such as burpees, lunges, squats press ups and primal movements. HIIT classes are designed to help promote fat loss, develop relative strength and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Each class is different to the last avoiding boredom and encouraging your continual development.

For those of you who struggle to fit exercising around childcare we offer a 'family' HIIT class: so you and your children can workout together, having fun and getting fitter.

Small Group Training

How does small group training differ to personal training? 

The difference is that your workouts will be in a small group format. Other than that, everything else is the same: you still get your own programme and you still get all the same tools. 

  • It’s more cost effective – semi private training is a very cost effective way to reach your goal without the expense of 1:1 personal training.
  • Who holds you accountable? – having a small group to train with regularly can offer you all the accountability you need. The new people you meet will help YOU BECOME MORE ACCOUNTABLE for your sessions, however the personal trainer will always be there to keep you accountable too! 

So if YOU want to make a real difference to the intensity of your program, then choose semi private training to help you reach those goals. 

Beginner Classes are tailored to those new to the Warrior Fit. They are designed to ease you into a full Warrior Fit class. Classes still last 30 minutes but instead of 1 minute per exercise and no recovery, beginner classes ensure you work hard for 45 seconds and have a 15 seconds recovery before moving onto the next exercise ready to go hard again.

Family Classes are tailored for parents with children over 10 years of age. I'm a big believer that kids should be out and about staying active and having fun, the classes are fun and functional and are designed to get both parent and child fit and strong whilst having fun working out together. There is a limit to 2 children per adult. 



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